Heartworn Highways

by Kevin Roy

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released September 23, 2016

KEVIN ROY: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Harmonica, Organ Pedals
MATT FILOPOULOS: Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Electric Bass
TONY PIZZI: Electric Guitar
KARL RATCHINSKY: Electric Bass, Upright Bass
MADELEINE ROGER: Additional Harmony Vocals
LOGAN MCKILLOP: Additional Harmony Vocals

All songs written by KEVIN ROY (SOCAN), 2016
Mastered by JAMIE SITAR at OUTTA TOWN SOUND (Gonor, MB.)
Photography by CHRIS P. BAKON
Album layout by KEVIN ROY

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada
Music Fund) and of Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters.

Produced with the participation of Manitoba Film & Music.



all rights reserved


Kevin Roy Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kevin Roy delivers poignant folk ballads, wry wit toe-tappers, and barn-burners with the right balance of aw-shucks honesty and unbridled enthusiasm.

With the band groove of Crazy Horse, and the harmonies of CSNY, Kevin Roy is classic Americana & Country through brand new speakers.
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Track Name: Same Old Sky
I do believe we've been given
That one special night
But don’t take it for granted
Cos it’s gone with the light

I can’t go on with this feeling
That you made up your mind
Uncertainty is a demon
And she’ll turn you around every time

I cast a stone into the river
I send the smoke into the night
I’m gonna wait right here for you
Beneath the same old sky

I could have bet on the ocean
I could have bet on the tide
That I could build me a vessel
I could sail it across to the other side

She had a well filled with wishes
She saved them till she died
She never loved she never lost
But lord only know how she cried
Track Name: Loving Arms
I don’t need a lot of money
I don’t need many friends
I don’t need to make excuses
I don’t need to make amends
I don’t need to be in your loving arms again

I tried being something
I wasn’t much at all
I tried to join your circus
never knowing where I’d fall
From the tight rope leading back to your loving arms again

Your loving arms are holding another one
There was a time they held me before
I don’t need to make excuses
I don’t need to make amends
I don’t need to be in your loving arms again

I realized that the oceans
are sweeping up the shore
So I walked along the beaches
till it cleansed my every pore
I realized that I don’t need your loving arms again
Track Name: Hard to Make a Living
Gotta make some time for the finer things she said
Twelve-hour days still living life in the red
I awoke from hibernation to a cabin fevered inspiration
Take what I can get to keep this hunger fed

I’m feeling feeling that I’m starting to lose
Cos its hard to make a living paying your bills when you’re trying to pay your dues

With feet that keep moving it’s hard for me to settle down
Someday I hope to find little a little place on the edge of town
For now four wheels and a bachelor suite is all I’ll ever need
Cos hands are in my pockets with the little bit of money that I’ve found

I’ve got miles to go running fumes the dollars that I earn
Spent in the diner on my feet and in my tank to burn
Track Name: Heartworn Highways
Through Townes with flying shoes
Not waiting around to die
Colorado bound he set out running
Riding on that white freightline

He made some cash he was haggard
A Highwayman though mama tried
He had that rambling white line fever
The cocaine blues and hungry eyes

Down the heartworn highways
You’re still bound to miss someone
Who do you love little darling
cos' this man is on the run

His lonesome Colorado girl
Her cheating heart cried that day
He shed his tears five feet and rising
Flooded out the lost highway

With trouble in mind
The bottle let him down
The lovesick blues and a cold cold heart
He heard that lonesome whistle sound

In the city of New Orleans
Sunday morning coming down
From swinging doors and dead flowers
His momma said don't take your guns to town

He headed back to Colorado
Asked his lover why baby why
With a sinking heart he raised his pistol
He sent her to that sweet by and by
Track Name: The Mighty River
The mighty rivers on the rise
The rivers on the rise
She won’t come down till she takes another town
And leaves the fields under her disguise

My fathers waiting on the shine
He's waiting on the sun to shine
That old river is a taker
Every day she gets an acre
There's no pontoons on his combine

My mothers praying for relief
She's praying for relief
Cos a family so small
Couldn't build a bigger wall
We lost our house to the river like a thief

Sister's crying in the rain
She's crying in the falling rain
Cos the cattle and horse
Swam away in the force
Of the might rolling river on the plain

Grandpa's rocking in his chair
He's rocking in his rocking chair
His strengths all gone
Since grandma passed on
The tears are filling up in his stare

I never thought the day would come
I never thought the day would ever come
When the mighty banks would flood
Spilling tears spilling blood
And not knowing what the future would become
Track Name: Gone with the Wind
All my friends have told me that my loves gone with the wind
So I called up that hurricane to ask which way she’s been
She had an eye on that city no remorse no pity
My lover is gone with the wind

But living in the prairies there’s no hurricanes around
We’ve had us some thunderstorms tornados touching down
No vacancy they’ll check in spinning and home wrecking
My lover is gone with the wind

Out in that western range the chinook winds they howl and moan
If I were but a grain of sand she’d carry me back home
But I don’t think she in these hills she’s not coming back
My lover is gone with the wind
Track Name: Farm Boy & the Blonde Haired Troubadour
There was a farm boy grew up in a small town
Had a house on railway at the corner of main
Met himself a lady a blonde haired troubadour
She took his heart away down at the corner street bar

Left that farm boy singing a sad song
For his blonde haired troubadour
He's hoping she’d settle for life in that small town
She’s laying her roots down on every winding road

When the tour was over she came back to him
Got a job serving whiskey at the corner street bar
They made a little home there soon they were married
But a year in that small town and she was feeling fenced in

With that farm Boy singing a sad song...

Saturday evening at the bar on the corner
Another troubadour came rolling in
His voice was earnest songs were true
She was the girl in his stories wanderlust and blue

She headed off with him touring those prairies
Traded the amber waves of grain for a modest skyline
Never returning back to that farm boy
Shattered his small town heart and left him harvesting the tears

Of that farm boy singing a sad song...
Track Name: Prairie Fire
Above the trees tonight high in the sky there’s a fire burning bright
Green flames dancing with the red we’ve got a long way to go
Till we make it back home

Prairie Fire Prairie Fire
Burning desire till the rain falls on this land

Did you see the things you wanted to see as you journey from your home
Did you see the mountains high as the clouds did you see your river of gold
Did you see your river of gold

Now we’re heading off into the rising sun as it guides the highway home
Pedals down to the floor somehow we’ll never know what we’re on this journey for
We were on this journey for
Track Name: The Morning Crow
The first flight of the cackling crow
The faster the falling the swifter the flow
When you first spread your wings and search for the line
Attempted murder doing no time

The rooster is the farmer’s alarm
Atop the rusty weather vane on the old run down barn
But crow you're the wake up for those who sleep in
And wish the barrel was loaded and aimed at your chin

So if you feel the world's out to get you
And you’re just trying to get along
Hold up your head and be proud sing your song and sing it loud
Just don’t do it on a Saturday morn

The mourning dove she calls up the sun
The great grey owl he calls up the moon
The black-feathered succubus has the control
Awakens demons and cuss words from the purest of souls

Don't do it on a Saturday
don’t do it on a Sunday
don’t do it before nine AM
I wish that on your first flight
your wings they wouldn’t work right
you’d spin into a nose dive
I wish you didn’t survive it
Please let me sleep past nine
Track Name: In Search of Destiny
I’m draggin my heels but my feet are on the ground
Walking for miles a day but nowhere to be found
Like a shadow I’ve been searching for a light to guide the road ahead
Lingering on all the words that dying fella said

Brush the dust from off my boots it’s time to walk the line
I built this aspiration somewhere in my mind
Like a fish in a reservoir no rivers to the sea
Circling past the same old shores in search of destiny

I was born in a little big city these rivers are my veins
Where they take me I’ll never know I’ll never feel the pain
Cos I know that I’ll be back again I know I will return
Everything I’ve seen along the way is what I’ve earned

At night I pour myself a drink and think back to the times
I thought about a better world than the one I left behind
When I traded my queen I was hoping for an ace
But I got dealt the joker and she robbed me of my place

Broken shattered spirits of humble simple man
Who thought he had his destiny mapped out within his hand
With every winding river bend the torrent waters run
He docked his boat upon the shore and headed to the sun